Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SSG Thaddeus Montgomery

Thad passed away in Afghanistan January 20, 2010.  The crew in Decatur held a memorial Sunday to celebrate Thad's life and the impact that he had on so many people.  I have pictures from Sunday night but have left my camera cord at home.  I will get those up soon but I wanted to post a few pictures of him from the recent years.  Thad had a smile that was amazing.  Thad was a friends with just about everyone he would meet.  We met in middle school and went to high school together also.  He was a hippie kid.  He was caring and kind.  He loved beautiful places and the outdoors.  He was hilarious and just an all around good guy.  Our group of friends had a great time growing up and maybe we weren't a pillar of responsibility but we were all very loving and after attending on Sunday I am truly blessed to know the people I know.  While Thad and I only emailed the last couple years I am happy and so grateful (in hindsight) that we reconnected.  I would have never guessed that we would not get the pleasure of seeing each other again after this tour.  I am honored to know him and know that he was fighting for our country, his country. 

He used to say soulshine
It's better than sunshine
It's better than moonshine
Damn sure better than the rain!
Yeah well people don't mind
We all get this way sometimes
Got to let your soul shine, shine to the break of day!

Thad's soul shined daily!

This is one of his final pictures.  Rest in Peace Old Friend!

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13

Now a request for my bloggy friends.  The soldiers that Thad led are now not only short a brother but two.  There was another soldier killed from their post a couple days before Thad.  I am asking that you write them.  They need encouragement.  This is the least that we can do!

Soldiers of Korengal Outpost 1st PLT, B CO 2-12 IN. BN Korengal Outpost APO, AE 09354