Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009! Hello 2010!

I have had a wonderfully blessed 2009.  I am truly thankful for all the gifts God has given us this past year.  Blake and I were not affected by the economy other than everything is more expensive.  However, we have a house over our head and we have food on our table.  We are able to provide for our children.  We were able to go see Phish 3 times this past year.  It was a first for both of us.  We spent time in Indiana with cousins, saw my sister get married, watched my best friend get married, skied for the first time as a family, and went to the beach with my brother.  I graduated from college!  Blake is trucking right on with his schooling.  WOW!  That is a lot of praises to be sooo thankful for. 

Steven earned a couple merit badges this past year.  He was baptised this year!  He played with the school football team.  He has grown and started really looking like a teenager just since August.  His voice is changing and he weighs 128 pounds.  He is just a hair taller than me.  He received two electric guitars this past Christmas and is starting to really get into music more.  He is still in concert and stage band and will travel to New Orleans with the stage band in April.  He has had a much better year this year schoolwise and is slowly(and I mean slowly) starting to get organized. 

Bryce is a chatterbox.  He is so bright and knows how to do just about anything.  He is so curious and likes to get into anything.  His favorite saying this week is "That silly Bryce."  It is so funny.  He is 3 feet tall and weighs 28 lbs.  He knows all of his colors and likes to sing, dress up, and dance.  He is watching Scooby Doo, Cailou, and Max & Ruby.  He loves trains, tools, playdo, dinosaurs, and pirates.  He has to stay busy and with the yucky weather lately it is either too cold or wet to go outside. 

Well, I have caught up on our life in 2009.  We can't wait to see what the future holds in 2010.  I feel like it can only get better.