Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow in Alabama!

For us here in the southeast, snow is never around. We usually never get the flurries the weathermen tell us are coming. People flock to the stores to buy bread and milk because if the power goes out they can at least have bread and milk sandwiches. I thought to myself, "Self, what if we buy chili? Maybe we can still use the turkey fryer to rig up something to heat up chili with!" After that wonderful thought I never thought anything of snow again until around 6am the next morning. After being aroused from my slumber by a toddler loudly calling, "come get me out my bed mommy!" I noticed through the blinds that everything looked white. Well, Bryce was off and ready to get dressed and go outside. So, Blake andI, dressed and headed outside before 7! I am glad we did because the snow was gone by 9. Steven also ran a race that morning in the freezing cold. I think the low was in the 20's but he braved the elements and was up and running early! He finished 4th in his mile race. I have no idea how many people ran but I know it was cold!

Sorry, this is a cell pic. But look at those feet. They both look like they are off the ground.