Monday, December 7, 2009

The Perfect Tree

So, the night before Thanksgiving I had noticed that Home Depot had reaalllllly tall trees in stock. We tried to find a tall one last year and just couldn't find one tall enough! Christmas is my favorite time of year and when we were buying a house I looked for houses that would look cute at Christmas. That Wednesday we were all going to be home since the holidays can be busy plus Steven takes on selling trees at Marvin's with the scouts. We headed out when Blake got home from work and he and Steve quickly spotted the one they wanted. At the back of the trees. They worked hard moving them all so we could get to the big one. The workers from Home Depot must have thought we were nuts to want a tree already! After we loaded it up we headed for home so the boys could get to work.

They trimmed up the bottom and moved very quickly to get it in the holder so we could add water. The bottoms can sap up and I think one year this happened. We had a crunchy tree one year so we were trying something a little different. Here is the Carroll Family Christmas Tree! It wasn't going in our yard!

The next trick was getting the netting off. Since it had to be out from the wall we had to work some magic getting the netting off. Bryce and Steven were of course there to help and Bryce had to have his ladder and his apron on. They fluffed for me so I could take their picture. They are so sweet together!

I think they both learned that putting the lights on is not half as fun as going to get the tree so they went to play upstairs while Blake and I decorated. Bryce came down when we finished and said Ohhhhh Perfect!