Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I just got back from lunch and picked me up a Happy Hour soda from Sonic.  Those make me so happy!  I have been doing so much better not drinking cokes.  I found pink lemonade Crystal Light and I am in love.  But I am still craving one soda a day.  I hope to cut them out completely very shortly but we have a vacation coming up soon and I don't want to give them up before that.  We have had to change our vacation from Destin.  I am super sad about it.  I have no idea if we will ever be able to return to the Gulf.  We have moved our trip to Daytona Beach or truly it is in Ponce Inlet.  I have been there before and Steven has been there multiple times.  My ex-in laws have always used this place and Blake has never been to this side of Florida before.  I am ready to be on the beach.  Bryce didn't like the waves too much last year so hopefully it will be a little different.  Check out the new blooms on the lilly!  I have seven full blooms and seven buds left to bloom.  I am super excited about it and they smell so good!

Check out these pictures from Bryce.  Somedays I allow him to use my phone and play with the camera.  I took the first one(obviously, duh) but he took the rest.  He loves it and I love that he is happy in the car. 

And the last one, I am super proud to say that Steven won 3rd place in his $15 challenge and he won this plaque from 4H for something with his record book.  The plaque(I so had to make sure that I just spelled this right) also came with a $50 savings bond.  Can you say AWESOME!?  Congrats Steve-O!