Friday, June 4, 2010

OOO...OOO...OOO...I was given an award!

Robin over at The Hanlon Family was super sweet and gave me a bloggy award!  We have a history, one that proves that I am not a morning person!  Her sweet daughter used to go to school with Bryce and we would see each other in the mornings.  She is also the aunt to Princess Katie.  After Katie's accident I realized that I have been following this woman's blog who ended up taking about the same little girl!  I was not connected to the internet during her hospital stay and I completely didn't put it together that I knew her until about 2 months after reading her blog.  Way to go me, I know!  Anyway, I digress...  Back to the award.  I am supposed to tell 7 things about me. 
  1. I love the pool and the summer.  I could be in water all summer and so could both of the boys.  
  2. Blake is a yard man.  He would rather be in the yard than the pool.
  3. I work for a general contracting construction firm as an executive assistant.  While it pays the bills, I would so much rather be a SAHM.  My heart aches for them during the day.
  4. I am obsessed with the Rent soundtrack.  I loved stuff with Rent way back in the early 90's!  I was never lucky enough to see it other than on the billboard on Broadway.  Still it is so moving.
  5. I love Coca-Colas.  (sorry Meggie!)  I so wish that I didn't but it is so tasty.  
  6. I love all of my boys.  It is so wonderful to be the only girl in the house.  
  7. My hubs is very cautious over the bloggy world but I enjoy my bloggy friends!  I know we are putting ourselves out there but I would miss you all!
Ok, so now I must give it back to some of my friends:

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Meg0429 said...

Sooo I will totally ignore that ugly drink you like ;)