Friday, June 11, 2010

Point Mallard!

Sunday, before the virus hit, we headed to the waterpark here in town. I guess I just remember everything but here again it has many memories. It is an old stomping ground for some of us here in the d-Rock. Back when it was safe to leave kids places, I would get dropped off first thing in the morning and hang out there all day. I can't imagine doing that with Steven now. Well, the mallard had some specials for passes this year and Steven scooped one up. Then Point Mallard held some contests on their facebook page and moi won one! I was super excited, to say the least. It took me about two weeks to go and pick up my prize and the marketing director gave me a pass and Blake some day passes too! Excited some more! Plus, Brycee still gets in for free. They have two kiddie pools, an olympic size pool, three speed slides, a toilet bowl slide, and it is also home to America's first wave pool. I haven't been in a couple of years and was pleasantly surprised to find most of it resurfaced. It took some time to get your feet used to the blistering hot pavement they had many moons ago. If you are ever in the north Alabama region, look up Point Mallard. It is worth the time!


Candi said...

Ah the old stomping grounds...had a season pass pretty from ages 12-15 and then I worked there after that lol. My dad told me after the fact about them running season passes for 40 dollars for a short time..wish I had gotten one!

Meg0429 said...

Love that last picture :)