Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Love the Alabama Jubilee!!!

The beginning of summer is always welcomed in by the Alabama Jubilee in our town.  It is a hot air balloon festival that has vendors, rides, and lots of food and fireworks.  I love to go and see all of the balloons, it was a tradition with my grandpa when I was younger.  I can remember sitting in my room listening for the humm of his diesel dodge to round our street to pick us up.  We would usually follow up our trip with a hearty breakfast of Hardees where he would always eat biscuits and gravy!  Ahhhh...memories...Anywho, I digress...This year I took charge of the tshirt booth.  Our boy scoot troop heads this up for the jubilee so they can worry about other things.  We get a profit and the boys take their "scout bucks"(the money they earn) and apply it towards trips, camping, and such.  The troop keeps some of it for awards and such.  Since I was doing this it meant way early mornings and a lot of work.  But I loved it!  The weather didn't hold out again this year, as it always is in Alabama.  We had showers and wind on Saturday but Sunday was pretty enough to fly in a different location.  This was the first time the jubilee has done this but it was a nice way to involve the whole city. 

Hey Meg!  I see you!

I wish we didn't have all those power lines in the way.  All these balloons went right over our house.  SO COOL!  They tried to have a key grab at the Home Depot Field here in town.  We live within walking distance from that!  Even with the weather we had a great time and Point Mallard did so great with their fireworks, that is what ends the festival.