Monday, April 12, 2010


I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was beautiful here. Blake got a ton of yardwork done while I attempted to scrub down the house so it would be clean enough for a sitter. That took all day with a three year old running around at my feet, begging for snacks, drinks, and attention.

We were trying to get ready to go to a popular place here in town called The Brick. I, personally, liked it better before it burned down and was rebuilt. They changed the venue and enlarged it quite a bit. It just doesn't have the same ambiance that it once did. I was really excited Saturday because our friend Bo was playing with his band The Hypseys. They are based in Tuscaloosa but Bo played in a number of bands here before he moved to go to college. He has since graduated and is going this week to hopefully do some sort of music business stuff. We ate with some friends and it was really nice. I know that I am old now because everything was great until the music started. Then you couldn't talk anymore. I understand needing to hear the band but I cannot read lips! Never have been able to, which makes any type of conversating difficult.

Sunday we went and visited Princess Katie Cakes! It was so nice to see her. I cooked the family lunch and some yummy cake cookies. Bryce was on day two with no nap so he was a hornet for sure! Katie looked so good and has really recovered a great deal since the last time we saw her family! She tires much easier but I had remembered to stick Toy Story 2 in my purse so she could watch it. Steven was home from New Orleans so he was able to play with the boy twin of the family. They are 3 months older than Steve so it works out great! Keep up the prayers though, there are still ways to go for sweet Katie!

Steven returned from New Orleans, broke. This did not surprise me because I always made sure to spend my money when on trips. I called him on Saturday to see if he still had enough to eat that day and he only had $7. That boy! They had a blast and most of Steven's money was spent at Bubba Gumps. He had some sort of grilled Mahi Mahi and dessert plus that sweet boy remembered to get his brother something. I think he said that he spent almost $60 there so that was half of his money. He still had to eat other days! Oh well, that is what trips like this are for. He took mainly all of his own money that he had saved from Christmas with a little extra from mom.

I just wanted to ramble a bit, sorry no pictures. I had my camera with me all weekend but my hornet was busy buzzing around all weekend so I never had the chance to get it out. Hope everyone's Monday is fantastic but I am ready for Friday!!!