Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Christ has Risen!

This was a very special Easter to us! Our Princess Katie truly woke up on this day. The same day that Jesus rose from the grave. I take such comfort knowing that God loves us that much. As we were all fighting to keep our friend's daughter here on Earth, God had once let his only Son die for OUR sins! While Easter is a fun holiday with make believe stories about bunnies and candy, we all know the true meaning of Easter!

Bryce is big enough to know the fun and amusement of the holiday. We started by dying eggs on Saturday night. He carefully (or not) placed the eggs in their cups of color dying them to his heart's desire. After dying them we had to place a million stickers all over them and throw them in his basket for the bunny to hide them.

We had no bedtime fights this night. He knew if he went to sleep that when he woke up the Bunny should of come. We were awoken to a chocolate mouthed boy telling us excitedly that the Easter Bunny had indeed come!

Bryce was amazed that the bunny had left eggs everywhere!

Steven was amazed that I woke him up at the crack of dawn.

We made it through church with only having to go out of the service two times. I like having my children in the service. Afterward we hunted eggs in the playground at church.

Bryce practiced taking pictures of Daddy, who looked smashing, if I do say so myself!

I got a picture with my love. Doesn't happen that much, I am usually the photographer!

And one with my boys!

We ate lunch with Blake's family and the cousins had a blast!

Such a wonderful and beautiful Easter day. Sunny and gorgeous! I think that the weekend wore me out because shortly after we got home, Bryce and I took a 3 hour nap! It is wonderful!