Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Orleans Band Trip

Steven left this morning for the middle school jazz and stage band spring trip.  I loved band trips!  They were always sooooo much fun.  We had to get him to school before the rooster crowed this morning.  I set my alarm for 430 and laid in the bed listening for Steven.(his room is directly above)  I heard him stirring and I wondered if this boy was going to take a bath or not.  I finally reached for my phone and called him!  That's right!  This mama does not do mornings and all I wanted was for him to shower before he left.  I had to get up shortly after and find him some socks and underwear because apparently something is eating all of the socks and underwear that belongs to him.  He brought me his suitcase last night so I could check it and the boy had no socks, underwear, pants, or anything.  Men just don't pack!  So, Steve is on his way after I went down the list of everything that I would say no to.  I made sure to say things individually to not leave any room for interpretation!