Saturday, April 17, 2010

Walmart Diaries!

We went on a wild adventure last night. We endured many animals and some rough terrain but in the end we made it through. You would think that my family went on a safari. Unfortunately no, we sure didn’t, as Bryce would say.
Blake got home around 6 last night and our family piled in the mom mobile and headed about 1/3 a mile to the good ol Wal-Mart. (Warning: I loathe this store and this story is only going to make it worse) We have been investigating swing sets for quite some time now. We know that it is THE present that Bryce needs for his birthday this year. We are planning on having the kids from his school over to play for his birthday and thought that it would be a great addition for that also. I digress…so we drove practically across the street to the neighborhood Wal-Mart. I had already checked the web and supposedly the only ones available were in Cullman. I just didn’t think that one store in North Alabama would carry swing sets. I had tried to call the store before going over there but was only placed on hold for a long time. We parked unloaded and went inside. I wrote down the number we wanted and headed to a cash register. After a long line we were finally there. I could almost taste it! But the girl didn’t even know how to look for it and her supervisor had left her by herself and she had no idea what to do. She was new, so no hard feelings.
We then walked to Wal-Mart’s Customer Service. Thinking for some reason that they may be able to help. Well, boy was I wrong. The lady looked at me like I was bothering her and proceeded to tell me that I needed to walk back to toys and look for so and so. I told her that I already had the number for the merchandise if she could just tell me if they had one in stock. She just stared at me, so we left. I was hot! I got the trusty iPhone out and started googling for another number to another store. I called the next one on the list and was left on hold four times for over 10 minutes!!! We had already started heading to Cullman at this point.
We plugged in the GPS and trekked down the county roads to another Wal-Mart. There were hills and tractors and a ton of construction work. OH and I had not mentioned that my sweet hubby worked for 17 hours that day. We arrived at the new Wal-Mart and the difference was amazing. The store was cleaner and the staff was very helpful. We finally purchased our swing set and we have been setting it up since. Hopefully, I will have pictures tonight!
Thanks guys, I feel better now. I can just add this to my list of Wal-Mart junk that has happened. The last time I tried something with that store I had a bad experience. To say that this one was bad is an understatement!


Candi said...

I loathe that store too! I try to avoid it as much as I can...haven't been in there in two months (not since they screwed up a site to store order and acted like it was all my fault!). I still like Sam's, but I often think that old Sam Walton is turning in his grave at what Walmart has become.

Bridgette said...

Ah yes, isn't "our" wal-mart just a BIG pain in the butt!?! I HATE going there!

Blessed Mommy of 2 said...

With ya on it. Hate that Walmart! The one over where we live is usually better, but still a walmart. Glad you got the swingset though! I can say ours has been worth it! =)