Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We have another Milestone!

This weekend we took the paci from my sweet baby.  I know he is too old for it but it is hard to watch him suffer through anything.  Above is orange and blue paci.(that's what he called them)  He only used it at night and naptime but not ever at school.  Well recently it seemed that at home he was wanting it a lot more than usual so on Saturday I told him that we had to be a big boy and stop using it.  I noticed that his teeth looked as if they were shifting and I surely didn't want to damage his pretty teeth.  The first day he whined for about 20 minutes in the bed for his colored friends but it has been a pretty easy transition.  However, yesterday I went to get him up from his nap and that little stinker popped up and said, "look what me find mommy" and of course he found the one paci that I hadn't located.  I don't know where it was in his bed but he must of hid one in his pillowcase because I had pulled out his bed trying to purge them before I took it away.  So the only other step before my baby is a true big boy is to get rid of the crib.  We are really just waiting on that because he has no problem in the crib and never tries to get out of it.  Plus he is upstairs and the master is downstairs and it scares me that he could get out and knowing him he would climb any fence to get down the stairs!  Sorry I have no pictures but I have been awful about bringing my camera.  I promise I will shape up!


*Jill* said...

Good for you!! Bryce will make it and it sounds like he's handling it pretty well. We will just pray he doesn't get SICK until he has forgotten about the paci!

BTW, that's nothing - my husband had a "lala" until he was 4 years old when the pre-K told Lisa that he couldn't have it b/c other kids would be jealous!!!! Yep, I said 4.