Monday, September 28, 2009

Rain, Boots, and Football

So, how much rain can we take? We were in a drought the last couple years and now we can't seem to get it to stop raining! Look at poor Rosco, doesn't he just look pitiful. Don't believe it! He is a lap dog and such a baby he would stay inside all day if he could. Most of the time it is okay but he sheds and it can drive a person crazy! But he is super sweet.

We did have a great time on Saturday watching the football game. The kids and I went and visited my Grandpa in the morning and we had to get Steven fitted for my sister's wedding. This wasn't supposed to take too long and we thought that we would be home in time for the game. Well, as usual, we took forever and thankfully we have a DVR. We started the football game around 4. I made some rotell dip. I don't think that Steven has ever had it. He looked at it like it would kill him at first. He has a fear of tomatoes! We all starting chowing down and Steven decided he would try it and now he is hooked! The Tide did great this weekend and we all enjoyed rolling over those Hogs!

So, I mentioned that Steven was getting fitted for his tux on Saturday. While we were there, which was forever, Bryce talked Grandma into buying him some new boots. He is usually a shoe hating boy but he fixed his eyes upon these Thomas the Tank Engine boots and fell in love! Since the moment he put them on his feet his hasn't worn anything since. He even wore them to church on Sunday. (disapprove if you must but some battles are just not worth it)

I know that this looks like a mug shot but he will not take pictures for me anymore. I had to beg and plead to get this. I love it because it is so him. He likes to work on anything and this little tool box is perfect for him.