Monday, September 14, 2009

Catching up is hard to do

Well, I have been noticeably absent for the last week.  It is not that we haven't been busy just tired and trying to still get used to the routine of school and work. I don't think that any of us actually get used to the routine but we just move in the motions.  I know that we, and that means all of us, love to stay at home and be together.  So, I will catch you up a little.  Steven had his third football game on Thursday.  They played our cross town rivals and wow what a game!  It was a nail biter for sure.  They were tied 6-6 the whole game and even went into overtime.  The other team won the coin toss in overtime but our boys were able to hold them back.  When we took the offensive side it was down to the last pass and we were able to move out of their hold and score!  It was awesome!  Here are the boys getting ready after halftime!  I love it!

And here is Coach doing what he does best!

And here is little brother ready to go cheer for Steven!  He said Go Bears about 50 times on the way there!
We didn't do too much on Saturday because of the hubby's riding mower being fixed!  We had a smaller yard at our old house and when we moved the backyard took so long to cut by push mower.  Blake and I very rarely buy things for ourselves so when the stimulus money came, we did what the government wanted and deposited right into commerce!  Viola! Well after a year we had somehow made the blade uneven and Blake could not fix it.  It had been gone for two weeks and our yard was looking pretty shabby.  I also had a lot of flower beds to tend to and my crepe myrtles had truly been negleted.  So we did a lot of yard work on Saturday and tried to catch the Bama game on  It was a pay per view game so we had no luck with that option.  Steven has been helping my parents build a deck so he was gone most the weekend also.  Here he is before going to work on Sunday.  He has grown so much since last year!
After we dropped off Steve-O at Grandpa's, we took Bryce down to the river to get in a little fishing.  He just loves being outside!  He was an excellent cricket catcher!  I don't know how he did it but he would catch them everytime!

Not much of a fisher myself, but these two look like naturals.
I love this shot! 
We ended the day in the backyard again swimming in our pool.  He loves to splash but in the middle of playing he had to potty.  Well that is for sure the best part about being a boy because you can go so easily.  I couldn't resist snapping a few.  I will hold on to the good ones until his senior year but this one is too sweet not to share!
I hope you all had a great weekend!  The SEC didn't do too bad this weekend either, at least from our state!  ROLL TIDE!