Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's difficult!

This morning was a difficult morning.  A working mother always has its advantages but there are so many disadvantages also!  Steven was supposed to have a pep rally last week for his big cross town rival game.  I should have stayed at work but with it being his first pep rally I wanted to be there.  My boss is awesome and usually has no problem with me  leaving but last Thursday everyone in the office would be gone except for him.  He did allow me to take time off and I rushed to the school and mom picked up Bryce for me so that I could take him.  I get to the school and notice that it looks pretty normal in the parking lot and there were not a lot of people there.  I walk into the office to sign in and notice everyone is still in there, so I ask the principal and she said they just were not ready.  There was no announcement that they were not going to have it or anything!  It was on the school websites schedule up until that day and I just didn't put it together that they would cancel it.  I digress...this morning as I am about to walk out the door Steven asks, "Are you coming to the pep rally today?"  Now this one isn't on the schedule or anything!  This is the only one that they will have and now I cannot take time off for it!  To make my day even better, as I walked Bryce into daycare this morning he would not let me put him down.  This is not normal for him as he is a very independent child and he likes to do everything himself. We were walking down the hall and as we approached his classroom he puts his head on my shoulder!  He might as well just ripped my heart out of my chest!  I was so ready to cry.  I gave him his kiss and hug and handed him off to his awesome teacher and just had to walk away.  This is so hard.  I think it is worse for me than him.  I am lucky to have a job and be blessed to be able to provide the things we do for our children but these moments make me want to be a stay at home mommy that much more!  While I believe that school is very important for Bryce, there are so many moments that a parent misses when they are working.  More and more mothers are now working and for me it was never a choice.  I have always worked for obvious reasons but now, even though I have a wonderful husband that provides for us, we like the extra money two jobs gives us.  It is just an awful downside to the world nowadays.  Somehow my dad and I were talking about gas prices and I said I remember when gas was only .99!  He said well I remember when it was .39.  (wouldn't that be awesome?!)  You know in the last ten years everything has increased in price drastically.  It took 30 years for gas to go up .60 but only 7 years for it to be $2.50!  No matter mommies are missing out!  Sorry, I know that this is a rambling post but my heart is heavy this morning wishing I was with my kids and attending a pep rally this afternoon.  Keep Steven in your prayers today and ask that he may be able to understand that I am not there but would give anything to be there!  Also, Kelly from Kelly's Korner has asked that we remember all children today that are having any medical issues.  This is just one huge overall prayer for all suffering children!  We have one very close to where we live, Molly Moses.  Have a great day everyone!
See aren't they cute!