Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Mother's Day

I had the best mother's day ever! Steven was baptised and it made me so happy to finally have this done. As I had said before, Steven's dad and I made the decision years ago that we would leave it up to Steven, due to the fact of our very different faiths. I have struggled with this and prayed about it. Our pastor has said that God will not deny grace to the children. This has helped me and I feel good for letting Steven make the choice. I feel like it is even more special because he initiated it and everything. All I had to do was try to schedule it and that was another problem but we finally landed with it being on mother's day! How great was it for Steven to feel so special and have his whole family there watching?!

After church we took about a thousand pictures! I told Steve that we were practicing for his wedding day(OMG can you even imagine?)! My family decided that we should go ahead and celebrate Steven's birthday that is coming up. Steven is a busy boy and his weekends are full for about the next 4 weeks so I was ready to party! I cannot believe that my baby is going to be 12 on the 20th. It seems like yesterday that I was craving Pepsi Freezes and living at Granada! He is a great kid but we do struggle greatly in school. I wanted to make sure that all of his school problems were not even thought of and that he had a very special day! He was really excited when he found out that mom hadn't even bought him anything yet, but that was because I am going to buy tickets for the Green Day concert in July. He has been to a few concerts but only to things that I liked and Green day is his favorite so to say the least he was very surprised! I am very excited too because my brother likes Green Day so I am not going to have to go! Yay for Uncles!

Doesn't he look big? I have a new printer/scanner at home and as soon as it is hooked up I will add some pictures from when he was a bambino!

So to sum up this very long post... celebrating my children is the best way to celebrate my mother's day!