Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday STEVEN!!!

How do I have a 12 year old? I cannot believe that he is 12. I swear he was just a toddler! I am so blessed to have him and he is an awesome young man who is well mannered and well behaved.(most of the time) I feel so lucky to have him! My life completely changed when I had Steven and I cannot imagine life without him! So, Happy Birthday to my big Man!

Also, please say a prayer for these people today. There 9 month old daughter is having heart surgery right now. I cannot imagine what they are going through. Just remember them and count your blessings. Even when I think it is so bad, I am reminded that I am truly blessed to have happy, healthy children. Thank you Lord!

One other request, I promise! My friend Summer is going to court today to try to win custody of her step daughter. It's a long story but a bad situation. Summer and Brannon are great people so please say a prayer for them also that the mediator sees the good that these two can bring to that sweet girl.

Have a great day guys!