Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Our weekend started out very slow. The weather had a funny way of dampening our Jubilee plans but we still had to man the tshirt stand! We stared by rising at 4:30 AM on Saturday to load the car up and head to Pt. Mallard. It was very windy and overcast so the pilots had decided not to fly. A few of them tethered a little but not for very long. Steven worked a little extra while Blake, Mom, Michael, Bryce, and I checked out the antique car show. We then headed home to try to get something done in the garden. (the garden is Blake's fun thing, I just want the veggies) Sunday started the same way however, it was pouring! While I laid in bed at 4am and listened to the downpour I pondered HMMMMMMMMMMMM, do we really have to go!?! We did go on and work again at the tshirt stand but it was a nasty morning and we did not have many customers. So after a lovely nap that afternoon we were ready to do something other than the Jubilee! My BIL was having a cookout and we went over there so that the cousins could play. Brandon cooked up some great burgers and chicken. We had such a wonderful time but you will have to scold me because I forgot the camera. It was raining again that evening so we headed home thinking that the rain would forego the fireworks. Well we were wrong and those fireworks had to be good because we could hear them in SW Decatur. Point Mallard is on the other side of town from where we live! I was so upset but it was nasty. Monday turned into a GORGEOUS day! We had to get out early to pick up some diapers and then we headed home to play in the pool out back. I definately have water babies! Steven was hard to keep out of a pool and Bryce will be the same way. We played in the pool while Blake played in the garden again. After a little while I talked Blake into going out to my mil's house. She has a real pool and I couldn't wait to take advantage of it! It was still a little cold so we didn't stay too long but it was so nice to be in the water. We headed back home and Brandon and Bronson came to play! The boys love playing with each other. So now we are back to reality and trying to finish up the schoolyear. I have got Steven all signed up for summer activities and even found him a drum tutor! Bring on the summer!!!

I hope that everyone thought about our troops this weekend and thanked a veteran. I would never make it in the military but my brother and brother in law were both in and stationed in Iraq at one time. What a blessing that they are home and we don't have to worry about them all the time. But I remember what it was like to watch the news and wonder oh no are they there!?! Thanks servicemen for all you do and for keeping us safe!

Here is Steven at the jubilee selling shirts!

Here's Blake's garden. Looks great!

Our fun in the sun!