Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We have struggled all year trying to help Steven be a better student and to just turn in his work. Steven was diagnosed with ADHD many years ago and it is a real hardship for him. Anyone who thinks that this is not a real disease is truly wrong. While there are many children who have been diagnosed in the last 10 years compared to very few when I was growing up, it is a very frustrating disorder. He does take adderall and without it he has enormous problems with sitting still, unconscious movement, and paying attention in class. I have tried with all of his teachers to keep me informed on progress of schoolwork and if he is having problems with keeping up or turning things in. Basically in Steven's mind (which is like most kids just more severe) his brain runs constantly at 300 mph! While he is well behaved and has wonderful manners (most of the time)completing anything to the finish is a huge problem. I made a large mistake last year and signed him up for Advanced English in 6th grade. He had received English awards last year and he has always been a mediocre student. (A's and B's only one C in 6 years) I had to sign a waiver but I didn't think it would be a problem. Well this class is probably the hardest English class I have ever heard of. My college professors were never this hard. This has really been a rough year, harder than previous. He is going to pass but not by much. Steven does have all A's and B's in all of his other classes but this one is killing him. I have tried everything from asking for a syllabus or lesson plan to asking the teacher to email me when work is not turned in. I have received no help from the teacher other than explaining that he just should do his work. While I understand this, he has a legitimate disorder that he sees his doctor for every six months! I have had 4 conferences, sent multiple emails, and even met with the principal in one of the conferences with nothing solved other than he just doesn't turn in his work. I am so frustrated right now because after working super hard on a poetry project and pulling his grade up to a 61.75 he didn't turn in a crossword puzzle yesterday and now has a 59! Now he will have a F for the nine weeks because of a stupid crossword puzzle!(he does have other bad grades but we had finally pulled it up) AHHHHH! I suppose that I just needed to vent. I know that the Lord wants transparency so that was what I was trying to achieve. I have found comfort in these words:

1 Peter 1:6-7 (Contemporary English Version)
6 On that day you will be glad, even if you have to go through many hard trials for a while. 7 Your faith will be like gold that has been tested in a fire. And these trials will prove that your faith is worth much more than gold that can be destroyed. They will show that you will be given praise and honor and glory when Jesus Christ returns.


LauraBeth said...

So sorry to hear about the English class - I know Steven is a bright child, and a willing learner. Don't have any advice for you - just hugs. I hate being frustrated too!

Crystal said...

Just wanted to stop by to thank you so much for the prayers and support for Bentley. We are so grateful for amazing bloggin' friends like you. Although we do not personally know each other, support is support and I hold that close to my heart!! Thank you so much!!