Thursday, January 8, 2009

No News is good News

Well, it's been pretty quiet on the home front! Steven and Bryce went back to school this week. I started my first full week of work since the second week of December. It's been tough but I guess we need to get back into the routine. Right now we are gearing up for a ski trip with the scouts that is scheduled for Valentine's weekend. The best news is that Steven stays in the room with the scouts so Blake and I are having a Valentine weekend! I can't wait because I have never gone skiing!

Bryce is talking more and more everyday. Last night he said, " Daddy, Tea, Please." He is starting to put more than two words together. The biggest thing we have accomplished is that Bryce is sitting with us and being more lovey! He goes, goes, goes and never would sit with us on the couch but he has started to recently and I am LOVING IT. Our next big endeavors will be potty training, getting rid of his friend paci at night, and moving to a big boy bed.

Steven started back to school this week and he is determined to make a little better on his grades. Now he doesn't make bad grades, their just not straight A's like I was used to before middle school. His reward for a decent report card is going to the basketball games tonight at the school. I remember doing this at Cedar Ridge a lot so I hope that he has fun.