Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Finally!

Sorry it has taken soooo long for the lovely Christmas post. I have been really lazy with the computer. So we had a WONDERFUL Christmas! We started out on Christmas Eve by setting up the little man's train table. Steven had this when he was little and it is still in excellent shape. Bryce loves Thomas the Tank Engine. We watch Thomas and the Magic Railroad sometimes twice a day. So I figured that it would be the perfect gift for the little guy. Steven has way too many Christmas' to attend. On Christmas Eve, the Linley's get together and have their Christmas dinner. He went to that and was home around 9. He was just as excited as he used to be when he was little. Since Bryce is young, we wait for Santa to bring all of the presents. So he didn't get to shake, rattle, and roll all the presents prior to the big day like usual. Here he is waiting on his dad to pick him up! Isn't he big! ?

I was really proud of how my house turned out. I love Christmas and I have all kinds of decorations. However, we upgraded the house this last year and with all the added sqare footage mom was nice enough to let me enjoy some of her decorations too! These are her Santa's and a ceramic wreath that I had bought her for Christmas years ago. Of course, there are the stockings finally hanging from the mantle. I have never had a mantle and couldn't wait for the stockings to go there.

Here is Blake and my brother Michael putting the table together for Bryce. This makes #2 for Michael. He did the same thing for Steven years ago. I say this just makes him a pro! :)

And their finished product! It was great. Bryce had it apart in way less time than it took to be put together and I don't think that it has looked that good since!

Here is what Santa brought us! We are blessed. Some of this is also a lot of family gifts to various members who would be visiting throughout the day. Check out my topper! He is so awesome! I love that Santa head so much. Blake always asks me if I want a new topper and I swiftly tell him no.

My parents and brother came over on Christmas morning loaded with yummy hot out of the oven cinnamon rolls and my boss's wife had sent us some wonderful coffee beans. We were set for Christmas breakfast. As soon as the folks arrived Michael and I ran to grab the kids. Steven was about to have a breakdown because I wouldn't let him come out of his room until we were ready. As soon as we hit mid stair Bryce noticed the presents and out came a big, long WOW! It was what I wanted.

And here is Bryce checking out his trains! I have to run for now but I will finish later!