Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am so SURPRISED!!!!

I am totally surprised. I started our blog so that family members who lived far away could keep up with pictures and how the boys are growing! Steven's aunt nominated our blog as a top blog that she reads. Which is totally sweet! So to accept this award who have to name five addictions. So here we go:

1: My Kids! I started very young with children and was told that I would never make it. However, Steven inspires everything that I do. And now with Bryce he just reiterates why God is so great! Children are such a blessing and I am so blessed with two wonderful boys. I hate going to work and I can't stand leaving them to do anything. I am totally addicted to staying around the house with them. I mean look at them! How could you not be addicted to them!?

2: Naps: Maybe I picked this up from the Steven's side of the family. When he was born MaMaw Linley always told me to sleep when he slept. She was a firm believer in naps and she told me time and time again how important they were. I listened and now I don't make it past nine if I don't squeeze some time to rest my eyes!

3: Swimming/Beach/summer: How can anyone not love the summer?! I love to swim or just float around. Plus Steven and Bryce are water babies or shall I say fish in training. My mother in law has a pool and just about everyday of not raining weather we are out and about in her pool. They are river rats so we don't collide too much. I never want to come home from the beach. We went to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for our honey moon and I wanted to move their for good.

4: Sweets are my downfall! I love cake, icing,candy, cookies, and anything that has sugar in it! I will have to add coca cola's in here but I am determined not to drink them! I have cut myself down to one coke a day and the rest has to be water! I'm trying!

5: I am for sure addicted to my husband. He is always there for me and is my best friend. I cannot imagine being without him. He has a humor that few get but I love it! We are two peas in a pod and I thank God daily for pointing me in his direction.

So I am supposed to nominate someone who I read. I do nominate The Angleas.


Jack and Laura said...

Sorry for taking so long I am going to try to do this thing, but mine wont be as good as yours. Hope you are doing well