Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Part II

Okay, so we finished the first Christmas at our house early. My parents left at around 10:30 to head back home and nap while we re set-up for #2! It was like Santa revisited! Here is the tree with the gifts for Blake's side of the family and from his mom and step-dad. Before they got there Steven had to leave to go to his dad's mother's house! Now this is Christmas #4 for Steven. That is why I tried to condense all of ours into one Christmas. I think next year I will try to call their side and see if we can work out something because he always misses the same one. So at 3 we started again. Blake and I were also busy cooking a turkey, ham, and more than enough casseroles for dinner at 5! Here's Steven with his new bedspread! He has a queen bed since we moved and we never updated his comforter. Thanks Dena! He says that his bed is so great now. It must be because he has slept until 10 or later all of Christmas Break. LAZY BUM!

Here are all the boys without Brandon. Steven, Bronson, Bryce, and Blake ( who is trying to fish on the Wii). Aren't they all soooo handsome!?

I love this picture. Our two boys love tractors! Margaret looks so happy too! I love Christmas!

Here is Granny and my neice Autumn! She is the oldest of the great grandkids. I love this because I am a grandma's girl too! Of course there is Bryce sucking down some juice!

Here is Bryce unwrapping his first remote control car! It scared him at first. Now he has the hang of it and can get it going pretty good.

Bryce and Bronson received their very first radio flyer tricycle. It was perfect for Bryce because he can already pedal. Bronson is just a smidge from the pedals but he is a tall little fella. He is almost as tall as Bryce. Bryce thought he was hot stuff because brother received a new bike from Santa. Here's Steven trying to be a movie maker!Autumn is such a sweet little princess! She was so polite and well mannered the whole evening!I have NO idea what Brandon is doing! I think Blake is trying to throw wrapping paper but when these two are involved with anything who knows what they are doing!
Last but not least! Here is our house with the decorations. We have to do better next year. It looked really good at night. However, I need larger wreaths for the door and that huge window and then move the smaller wreaths upstairs. We are still trying to figure out how to decorate the larger house. I am not good at this at all either!