Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Steven's Home!!!

Summer is busy for us especially with Steven. We have to balance his dad and camp and sometimes it's difficult. I hate when he is gone so long. He came home Monday night after about 2 weeks. He has grown so much this year. We picked him up from boy scout camp on Friday night. He was so grown up! They really rough it out there so I have to say Yay Steve! It was hot last week and he was out in the woods!!! I will add pictures soon, they are on my mom's camera. He earned his scout badge and 4 other merit badges while there. He is also ready to advance again. They are off this week but are going to a star's game next week. Football started today and he hurt his ankle. It is swollen but I tried to tell him he had to be tough. We have some ice on it and I'm going to re assess in the morning. So pray for Steven's ankle to heal quickly and for God to give him the strength to give it his all!