Friday, June 12, 2009

Start of Summer Fun for Steve-O!

Steven left Friday to go to his dad's. While he is there, he is also leaving for basketball camp. Steven is not new to spending the night at camp. He has been to Space Camp and Boy Scout Camp in the past. I have no fear that he will love it there! My only worry is that he doesn't play too much basketball so he doesn't know the terms as well as some of the other boys. He is going to Lipscomb Camp. His dad and his Aunt Erin both went to this and they both really enjoyed it.

Here he is with all of his stuff. He even packed an extra toothbrush in case his roomate doesn't have one! Way to think there Steve!

He returns home on Wednesday night. I am packing currently for scout camp that starts next Sunday. Steven will leave early on Sunday morning to go to Boxwell Summer Camp in Nashville with the scouts. He will earn merit badges and he is one of the senior boys this year, so he will have to be the example and help the first timers out. I only dread the laundry that comes back from camp! It always looks like it has been stomped in the mud when it comes back.


*Jill* said...

OMG I went to Lipscomb basketball camp when I was a kid!!! I think it was summer before 6th grade?