Thursday, June 25, 2009

Phish Summer Tour Returns!!!

Phish is the band I have always wanted to see after the Grateful Dead. We all know that I will never see THE Grateful Dead so way back when in September it was announced that Phish was getting back together!!!! I was pumped! They are very accomplished musicians and together they are just amazing. However, even though I love hippie music and am a closet hippie there are always a group of "heads" that follow the band. Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with this if you have little responsibilities but for pete's sake can you take a bath!?! I mean come on even gas station bathrooms have water! Most of the really nasty people don't even listen to the music, they are just there to make money off people. Anyway I digress, back to the most awesome time that Blake and I had being phishheads!

Always interesting! Men in skirts.........

Traffic beyond belief!

This is Deer Creek in Indianapolis.

The amount of people is outrageous! But for us phriends it makes no difference. Going to these types of shows are just so freeing because no one cares what you look like or who you are. You hear brother, sister, and have a good show all over the place. Truly a great experience!

PAGE IS AWESOME! He is one of the best pianists that I have heard. Each member of the band studied music in college so they do have a great background in the arts.

Our tickets. They were mail order so they were very pretty! Phish and jambands sell a certain amount of tickets before they are released by ticketmaster! If you are lucky to get one after weeks of excrutiating waiting they fed ex you gorgeous tickets right to your door. I am getting them framed.

We had lawn tickets but it was still great! There was an awful storm coming through and at the end of the first set the lightening was wicked. It was as if the thunder was in tune with the music. It would finger out all over the top of the sky! WOW!

This is Trey! I have seen him twice before. Oysterhead included Les Claypool and the drummer from the Police. And Trey also has his own band. He has a lot of talent.

So I have really figured out how old I am....after the first set the lightening had gotten so bad that Page came out and told the crowd that the lawn had to evacuate to their vehicles. Well knowing how bad the weather has been lately Blake and I bolted as fast as we could! After walking the 2 miles to our car we decided we were not going back. Originally I was trying to save money and sleep in the car but my daddy was not having that and he gifted us some points to stay at a hotel nearby! Thanks Guys!!!! After a lovely nights rest in a bed rather than our car we headed towards Chicago! Two great things were about to happen! One: We had a great hotel in Chicago! Two: We were going to eat at Portillo's! ONLY THE BEST HOT DOG PLACE EVER! Blake had two Chicago Dogs and I had chili cheese dogs! YUM

I don't know how it happened but I lucked into a great deal on our hotel with some benefits also. We were on the first floor in a suite with patio access.

Saturday nights show was at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wi! It felt amazing to be somewhere with no humidity. We got right in and headed towards the gate. Alpine is very steep!

I hate to end so quickly but I tried to upload a video and it took forever and I am going to bed. Have a great night. Tomorrow I get to go pick up my big Steve-O from camp! I can't wait! More to come and I promise I will get caught up very soon!