Monday, April 13, 2009

What a Fabulous Weekend

We started our weekend in the driveway waiting patiently on Grandma to come and pick us up. We were heading to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens for their Easter Egg Hunt. It was so much fun but it was so cold. We had no idea that the weather was going to be that chilly so our family was not dressed for success. Bryce did really well at the event. He waited on the Easter Bunny and sat in his lap. He could not stand it waiting for the hunt to begin and as soon as they said go, he grabbed about 3 eggs found out there was candy inside and said "i done." He then saw a little boy with no basket and picked up an egg and gave it to him. So sweet! We didn't do too much else on Saturday. Mommy has been waking up everyday at 4am lately so she stays pretty poooped by the end of the day.

Steven didn't get home in time to dye eggs before Bryce went to bed on Saturday so we got up early on Sunday to dye eggs. Steven measured out everything and made sure the tablets were dissolving. Bryce did very good and didn't get too colored. Blake and I made a breakfast casserole for breakfast and we had a very nice family easter breakfast before starting to get ready for church. Steven lit the candles in service this weekend and Granny visited our church, too! It was such a great day to have so much family together in church. Bryce sits in service, just like a big boy. He is not the most quiet little man but he is not a distraction. The only time he was loud was when he bumped his little head on the pew. Steven said he could hear him all the way up front. Oh well...I like him in church and hearing the message and singing along with the hymns. He made mommmy and daddy very proud. It was a great service and I am so happy to know that my Redeemer LIVES!!!

After church we went home to get the food started cooking and let Bryce take his nap. The Easter Bunny left gifts for Bryce, Steven, and Bronson while we were at church and Steven could not wait to tear into his. All the boys received waterguns to play with in the backyard and of course jelly beans. That is Bryce's favorite. Steven also received his favorite candy, Reese's Eggs. My parents and Granny stayed for dinner. Blake cooked and boy was it scrumpous! I had such a great day and really feel blessed.


Jenifer Parris said...

Love your blog! What a beautiful family! Found you from MckMama's blog. God love Stellan...

We are in Jacksonville, AL!

Have a great day! Jenifer