Monday, April 27, 2009

Publix is my favorite store!

I used to hate to go into Publix. We never could get our groceries in there for less than $100. Then I bumped into the coupon game and I am addicted! I love it. I can now shop cheaper there than WalMart and I abhor that place so WOO HOO! What I have learned is I can have a $50 to $60 grocery budget and make it. Instead of going to the store multiple times to pick up stuff, I go once a week and I spend a couple of hours figuring out what is on sale and then finding the coupons to go with them. However, this is made really easy for some of us because there are so many mommy bloggers who put together the lists for us. My favorite is Fiddledeedee. See the trick is that Publix has BOGO deals everyweek. You can use two coupons that way and get things very cheap and I am not talking about the store brand either. Anyway, if you need a way to save some money check her out and there are many more.

Here are my savings for the week!

Total Before Coupons and Savings: $133.51

Total Out of My Pocket: $60.03

TOTAL SAVINGS!!! ~ $73.48 OR 55%