Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh no...Check out girl

I was making a quick run tonight to pick up some meat.  We were going to eat luxuriously this evening and have some good ol' hamburger helper.  After I burn some of it for not using a large enough pan, which just so happened to be when my sister and her hubs were standing in my kitchen!  Yes, I know, SCORE!  Anyway, way too fast!  Ok, so I was at the grocery store waiting in line to check out.  I had passed an employee on the way to the line and noticed after I was in line that she was in the line next to me.  When I had passed her, I thought that she was on duty and restocking...that would explain the amount of food in her cart that was all the same.  She had stacks of pizzas, lunchables, and other such.  Then I spied a handful of coupons in her hands.  These were not just your printables or anything, they were actual ones that you pull off in the grocery store.  This irks me beyond belief.  I so wanted to say something.  See, our publix is horrible about not having anything in stock when it is on sale.  Now I know why.  If you do coupon remember that coupons are for all and it is completely inconsiderate to take a stack full of coupons and clean out a grocery store.  Number 2: It is super inconsiderate to take the coupons that your workplace puts out in massive amounts.  Truly, think about can sometimes be considered stealing!


Blessed Mommy of 2 said...

I just went to get something at the Publix on County Line and they were out. They said they were restocking that night and gave me a raincheck.
I think that was awful of the employee doing that with the instore coupons. If I'd seen it I might have had to tell a manager.