Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kiddie Carnival

One weekend, we loaded up and went to a carnival that has been going on for over 50 years for kids.  It was so wonderful.  My brother in law and his family came and Bronson and Bryce were super excited. 

The daddies loaded them up on the trains first.  It is a favorite. 

They were ready to go.  

Bryce is really into waving right now.  He waved for everything.  It was awesome since our vacation was a no go on the pictures.

All the kids loved the swings.  Teenagers could still ride on it so Steven went once.  Then he told me that he felt like a goob so he only did it once. 

The last thing we did was ride the rocket ship and it went fast!  No, not really just trying to play on my camera.


Jessica said...

Love that your oldest gave the ride a try, my teenager would have done the same... tried it then decided that she was too old for all of that kid stuff!