Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ponce Inlet, FL

We had such a great time in Florida.  The oil spilled changed our plans and less than a month before our date we decided that it was too great a chance to let the kids in the water.  I am just not sure about the effects.  I so wish we could have gone but that was a ton of money to stay in the pool and not be in the ocean.  On top of the kids would not stay out of the water anyway, even if we wanted to.  We stayed at East Winds Condos in Ponce Inlet, it is around 10 miles south of Daytona Beach and is much more secluded than Daytona.  It took us around 12 hours to get there after many stops at the potty.  Bryce began "are we there yet" around birmingham!  Yeah, that was the best! We got there a little after 4, July 3rd.  Since it was Saturday the realtor left the keys for us where we could find them.  We never had to even see them.  Super!  There are two sets of condos and we were in the one that was not having the outside renovated.  So, of course, I took a pic of the one that was already done!  The renovations are looking spectacular! 

We hit the beach asap and the boys were riding the waves in no time. Well, Bryce ran around so happy to have freedom. Ponce Inlet has no beach access near their condos so everyone has a pretty private beach. And the beach is flat and long so you can set up your chair and see the kids from just about anywhere.
Bryce loved it.  Steven has been here many times and is getting ready to go back with his grandmother tomorrow.  Lucky Dog!  She is the one who told me about this place.  Their family has been going there for about 20 years.  Steven loved skim boarding and bryce just loved the sand, and putting sand everywhere.  But we soon found that the liner inside of bathing suits can rub a little guy raw so he was underwear free all week after our first day.  There were jellyfish the first two days.  One kind was clear and the shape of a biscuit and the other was a gorgeous purple and blue.  The colored ones had tentacles and the clear did not.  Both boys were stung once. 

Bryce is wild.  He truly did not like the beach at all last year and this year he was giving us a 630AM eastern time wake up call!  Stating, "I Go Beach!"  over and over and over!

I did get some great shots of Steven though.  Bryce would not let me take his picture most of the week.  I am going to dedicate a whole post to that so stayed tuned!


Tiffany Lockette said...

Hope you guys still had a good time. It's so sad. I'm sorry you had to change your plans. Your boys are cutie pies.