Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blizzard of 2009

Here in Alabama, we see snow maybe once a year and usually it never sticks. To my surprise Sunday morning everyone was still asleep when I woke up. Something told me to look out in the backyard. It was snowing! This was a gorgeous, big and flakey snow! So after the kids got up and I finally got dressed we headed out into the fun! So, I did mention that we live in Alabama right? Bryce does not have gloves. What do we need them for?

1. It doesn't get that cold here
2. He wouldn't wear them anyway
So I had to find my ski gloves and he wore those. He definitely could not go outside without some sort of gloves on. I have never understood why but when there is a chance of snow here people make a dash for the grocery store to buy eggs and milk. I am not a fan of milk and do not drink it! YUCK! But why if I am stuck in a house would I want to only have eggs and milk? I have bagels and sandwich meat. We tried to play quickly because Steven wanted to sled down some hills near mom's house. So we played, ate breakfast, and loaded into the car. Within 10 minutes the snow was melting quicker than Frosty without his hat. I hated that Steven couldn't go sledding but maybe the next time. Whenever that is!
Steven's Snow Angel