Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blessed and Impressed

Maybe it's the spring weather and the beautiful days but I just feel so blessed lately. I have been around and read a bunch of other mommy blogs and see the suffering on the news. It breaks my heart! I hate that there are so many people that are in need of help. It really makes me realize what I have! I am so happy in life right now. I love my husband and have such a great time with him. He is a great father and a wonderful step-dad! I am so lucky to have him. I never imagined that I would ever marry again. I really never wanted to. But there was something about Blake that just made it seem possible and I knew right away he was for me! Steven is so big! I can't even believe how much he has changed this year. He is a very well mannered and sweet child. He is such a great big brother and a wonderful helper around the house. He is smart when he wants to be. He's also trying out for the football team at Cedar Ridge! Can you believe it? I am praying that he makes it. I love football and I would be the crazy mom in the stands cheering her heart out. And of course there is still Bryce! Oh he is at the most perfect age of innocence. He is such a chatterbox right now. To think that I was afraid that he wasn't going to say too much. He used to not talk as well as some other children we know and I was worried. Well no need to worry now because he repeats everything we say. I have started on manners and he now says thank you and excuse me. Sometimes I still have to remind him but he does really well for a little guy. He is very sweet and a big mommy' s boy. We have started having problem with his passi and blankie. All of the sudden he is really attached to them. So that is my next project with the Bman.

I know this is a long one but I just wanted to make sure that I had it down somewhere that I am very happy with my life and my family. I won't always be here and I want my family to know that they are wonderful. Don't worry nothings wrong.... I just worry that sometimes the really good feelings are said enough. Thank you God for everything that you have given me!