Monday, February 23, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

I had such a lovely weekend. We spent Saturday in Lebanon, Tn. They have an outlet mall there and Blake and I were in desperate need of some clothes. I only found one thing for me but I can shop later. We did find some great deals for Blake! He is so picky about what he wears. They do have a Nautica and Polo outlet store there so he was able to find some great buys! We then decided that it was time for a rug in the den. I have wanted one forever but the timing was never right. I found a cream shag rug at Home Depot that I fell in love with and had to have. It is so gorgeous in our den. I spent the evening skiing around the rug barefoot last night! Blake also changed two fixtures in the house. Steven went to Merit Badge College this weekend for scouts and earned a fingerprinting badge and worked on a communications badge. He had a great time and loved the instructor. Next weekend, we tackle the weeds in the yard! Sorry no picture from the weekend. Here is an oldie but a goodie!