Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fun with the Curtain

It doesn't take much for Steven and Bryce to have fun. Steven wanted to play hide and seek with Bryce. Bryce thought that he had found the perfect hiding spot in our curtains that are in front of our glass doors. They did this for at least an hour. Bryce would hide and then pop out and just laugh and laugh. How sweet are these little toes?!

Can you find Bryce? He is a really good hider.

I know he looks a mess but I finally broke down Friday and cut his hair. We were trying to let it grow to see how it would look. To say the least I like it cut. Plus, he is teething his pointy teeth so there has been a constant flow of drool out of his mouth. I loved this. I just sat in the floor and watched them play. It really made me want to be young again.