Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This past weekend we loaded the trailblazer and headed to the Talladega Superspeedway for the Scout Encampment. This event is held every four years and it draws over 10,000 scouts and their families. This was a bad weekend for Blake due to the AL/LSU game being played. Now, if we had been experiencing a losing season he would not have cared but being a nail biting game that we could have lost he went to great lengths to make sure that he would be able to see it. Blake works at direcTV and he had access to a 17' HD TV with satellite in a briefcase. We had to take the wagon just so we could carry all of Blake's equipment in.

So we finally get in this huge place and the boys decided they didn't want to see the exhibits. They played football all day and watched the game a little. It was a great time. We cooked chili for the adults and Steven's patrol made hobo's over the open fire. Here is our group in the winner's circle.

Here is Bryce hard at it in Steven's tent. He was so exhausted that he slept for about 2 hours and didn't move at all. He seemed pretty comfy. I should have napped with him but didn't think about it until it was too late!

This was taken on turn two. This is where the boy scouts were. This is such a big place. I cannot imagine what it looks like during a race. This was early in the day so a lot of the boys hadn't pitched their tents yet. Steven loves boy scouts. I love that he loves it because they have great values and they accept everyone.