Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boy Scouts makes me TIRED!

This past weekend was the Talladega Encampment at the Talladega Superspeedway. Now I am not a race face by any means and never realized how large this place is! So, Blake had been working on trying to find something to watch the AL/LSU game and since he works for DirecTV, he had a great opportunity to take something from there. This is after my boss had already let us borrow a handheld tv with an antenna. Of course this was not big enough for him. The guys from DirecTV gave him a 17' HD TV with satellite that comes in a briefcase. Needless to say, our troop was a hit. After getting up at the crack of dawn to load and drive down there, (we didn't spend the night because it was getting so cold and I didn't want to try that with Bryce) we pulled into our parking spot for the day only people. We noticed that you had to walk up 3 to 4 flights of stairs. This was a problem because everything for the tv was in a wagon. He said all this stuff was heavy! So we did find a handicap ramp. (how anyone in a wheelchair attends Talladega is beyond me)

After getting to the top we find out that you have to walk through the bleachers. This wasn't enough room for one person and definately not big enough for a wagon full of junk! So, back to the car and repack everything. We go back in and find Steven and the bunch and then we looked at the exhibits. The boys weren't too impressed and they just wanted to play football. While we were walking back to the campsite one of the dad's told Blake to just go ahead and pull the car into the overnight parking that way we could have the tv set up. Our troop was a crowded area once the game started. There were so many dads watching and Blake was thanked over and over again for the tv. He did have to tell them that I didn't want him to bring it! Steven had a great time. He loves scouts and doing anything with them.