Saturday, April 3, 2010


I am tired.  We have been running all week and worrying about Katie.  Ryan and Heather have now been told that inpatient rehab is in the near future.   I very good sign, in my opinion.  She continues to progress daily.  It is small steps but that has made the recovery easier.  We have all accepted that it may take a while to become Katie again or she may have a different personality all together.  BUT she laughed last night at her daddy.  She walked yesterday also!  It seems that the feeding tube(which is in the nose, THANK GOD) has made the difference.  That poor baby was hungry.  She hated getting that stinking thing put in but now that she has re-energized she feels much better. 

We spent the day running errands. We saw the Bunny.  Bryce would not smile for a picture for nothing.  Then we had some good friends over for dinner.  It was a quiet evening but I am exhausted.  I think everything has finally caught up.  Please continue to pray for Katie!