Friday, August 21, 2009


We were awaken by a lovely telephone this morning around 5 am. Now usually you would think OH NO what has happened and what is going on but we knew that it meant only one thing. My niece is here! Alyssa Kaye was born this morning at 4:29 and I couldn't be more happy. Being in a family of boys and Blake's brother has Bronson, I am ecstatic that we have a girl around now! Preston is one of Blake's very best friends so I am claiming her as a niece!

She looks just like her daddy and is just gorgeous! I cannot wait to get back to the hospital to see her some more!

Please pray for their family as they begin such a new, wonderful chapter of their life. I would also ask that you pray for a high school friend's family also. Melissa rode the bus, carpooled, and cheered with me and her aunt was one of the victims on the Lockerbie plane. The person convicted was just released from prison yesterday because he has prostate cancer. I do not understand how they could release him. Please keep their families in your prayers as well, as they deal with this all over again!

On another note: We start football games tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! Steven will receive his number assignment today and then they have their jamboree tomorrow. My plan today is to get out the good ol' markers and start making some spirit signs for him! I am so excited, can you tell! Go Black Bears!