Monday, April 6, 2009

Garage Sale Success!

Well after a late start on Friday night, we arose at 5AM on Saturday for the garage sale! It went great! We have accumulated a bunch of stuff through the years and I finally got it all cleaned out. My mother, mother-in-law, and brother in law all came and added to our stuff. It was really foggy in the morning and it went pretty slow at that point. Once the fog cleared and the sun came up the garage sale shoppers were out in full force. We stayed really busy right up until 11:30. We then packed it all back up and headed to the local charity donation dropoff. I worked hard. Nana and Papa picked up Bryce on Friday night around 6. Blake, Steven and I ate some tacos really quick and then we headed out to organize the garage. It was a mess because as I cleaned out the house I would stack it in the floor of the garage. I had to wait until Friday to get tables and clothes racks. Margaret(my sister in law) works at Zero Gravity and they had a lot of racks for clothes that they were not using. Thank goodness, those racks were life savers. She even had hangers too! We had to price everything and place them in the general vicinity of where they needed to be. We finished around midnight and we still had to hang up signs. So we all loaded into the TB and off we went. We had so much fun hanging the signs because we acted like spies and were singing the mission impossible theme and Steven would run and staple a sign and then run back to the car. Good Times! The sale went great. I am not a great garage sale person because I think people should see the deal in front and not haggle people. I did do some good and gave away an old changing table to a young pregnant girl. I had also hoarded beanie babies at one time and I didn't sell those I let each kid have one. They loved it. All in all everything went great, I was just exhausted afterward.